Multiplying Violets!

Violets from above

No these weren’t made by me but by Eleonora of Le mie mani creative. Her site is in Italian but she makes lots of lovely crochet and sewn items.

She sent me two different pictures.

Violets side view

Someone over on Ravelry also made some for her mother’s birthday last summer.

It makes me happy to think that other people find a use for my patterns.

I am also pleased that people find them easy.

I am still enjoying the original African violets I made for myself.

My violets on windowsill

They brighten up the dark winter days.

New projects seemed to be progressing slowly. I started making another pair of socks but kept discovering that I had dropped a stitch when trying to make the toes, so after two attempts, I moved back to my waistcoat.

My waistcoat in progress

Even here I have been having to undo rows because the end stitches are loose or the parity of the pink stitches is wrong.

I am definitely not doing so well so if posts are less frequent that is why.







8 thoughts on “Multiplying Violets!

  1. That’s going to be a gorgeous waistcoat. I picked up the knitty needles on a sudden whim the other night and starting making a hat – but I’d forgotten how very very slow I am at it. Will have to stick with crocheting to satisfy my inner impatient 3-year-old. 😦


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