Scintillating socks!

Patterned socks

Or should it be scintillating sock wool? I think this is the most exciting and clever sock wool I have knitted so far. Here it is on the right.

Sock yarn

Rico Design Superba Bamboo sock wool – 50% Merino Superwash, 25% Polyamide, 25% Viscose in ‘purple mix’. No it doesn’t contain bamboo though I did find bamboo listed as one component on one web site.

Conversely I have to say that the wool on the left is the most difficult to work with sock wool I have ever tried to use and I had to give up making a sock with it as I got in a mess when I tried to undo and redo a couple of stitches on the row below. It is fluffy and meshes together very strongly and part of the yarn is so dark it is almost black and so makes it very hard for my old eyes to see the stitches.

I had planned to make the socks to match and I very carefully noted where in the pattern I was at the beginning of the first sock and finished the first sock a little sooner than I normally would so as to start the second sock at the same point.


A few rows in there was a knot!!!! I hate knots in yarn. I did leave the knot still hoping the pattern would be the same but it wasn’t.

Only plus point is that by making slightly shorter socks I actually have only used half the ball so can make a second pair! Yay!

So here are the socks being worn.

Patterned socks being worn

And how they look to me.

Patterned socks as they look to me

I am now making another pair of socks, though these are a present, but I have realised, as I should have done before, that when using a single circular needle to make socks as I do, there is no need to put half the stitches on a holder and the other half on straight needles when working a short row heel.

As in the picture below. (Showing holder side.)

Stitches split between holder and straight needle

You can just do it all on the same needle thus saving time and effort. I have made one sock that way and will be doing the same for the second one.

I have also found a Rico pattern that has a slightly different way of doing a short row heel that doesn’t look quite as smooth as the method I use now but may make the problem of the yarn pulling or creating holes where the heel joins the front go away.

A bad version below where my attempt to avoid a hole made a mess.

Messy avoiding a hole

I am going to try this new pattern next time I make some socks for myself.


27 thoughts on “Scintillating socks!

  1. Great socks! I love this yarn. I’ve just finished a pair of socks with the green mix. The viscose content of the yarn is extracted from bamboo fibre so it does contain bamboo but in a heavily processed form. It’s the viscose that makes it so soft! ☺

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    1. I think that where the knot was there a jump in the normal colour sequence. The one with the orange rib is the original. It is like they missed out the colour sequence similar to what you see at the rib end of the other one.So the two colour pink and the two greeny bits beyond. Maybe the missing bit got mangled or something.


  2. They look great. I was wondering about using a circular for sock knitting… what length and how do you get on- what are the pros and cons versus dpns?


    1. I love them but someone I know in my craft group decided to try them but she has bendy fingertips and she said she couldn’t get on with them. Lucie of said recently that she went from dpns to tiny circulars and back to dpns and now she prefers dpns. The ones I use are made by Addi and are 20cm. I like them because all you have to do is knit and knit. I use stitch markers so I know where I am. I knit toe up socks and make the toe on straight needles then the rest can be done on the circulars including a short row heel. Hope this helps.

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  3. Socks are an ongoing lesson for me; granted, I’ve only made 6 pairs…or is it 7? Anyway, please do post about that new pattern because I totally hate dealing with “the hole” myself!


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