The Common close up

The other day the sun was shining and I decided to go for a walk on Southampton Common. I decided to concentrate on looking at the small things that one might otherwise miss and the first thing that caught my eye were the autumn leaves now white with the first real frost of the winter.


Here is a close up of one leaf.


And there were also the odd delicate white feathers like this. A warmer spot, no frost here.


The surface of the lake was partly iced over and people were out with their children feeding the ducks. I was struck by this morsel of bread floating in the water.


I love the texture of bark on trees and the beautiful colours here held my attention.


On the ground was a twig covered in lichen.


And some trees were covered with it too.


And also loving the damp bark of a fallen tree was moss.


There was ivy on the wall,


A fir cone on the ground


and signs of new ones yet to come.


Some odd traces of human activity, mainly near where the cars park.


And near the entrance/exit flowers on the rhododendron bushes.


Of course I had to take some views as well.

Here the winter trees stretching upwards either side of the path.


And of course I can never resist taking pictures of water, especially when there are swans. Seagulls too, swooping over the water.


Then of a sudden they all took flight.


The light was fading. Time to go home.


When I got near home I stopped to take some pictures of the mahonia flowers.


And looking up I caught sight of the moon above the roof tops.


I was surprised to find how many photographs I had taken. Partly because although I normally think of myself as good at taking hand held photographs, I seemed to find it hard to hold the camera steady. Was this the cold?

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