What I’m working on

Apart from my waistcoat and socks I am working on a couple of Christmassy ideas which involve making snowflakes.

I showed you this book I had bought last ChristmasSnowflake bookWell originally I had thought that I might work my way through the book and I had certainly started.

But this year, having made a couple more out of the book and not having liked them especially.

More snowflakes from book

I decided that maybe I shouldn’t try to make all of them but just make the ones I liked best. YES! I now understand why the second one wouldn’t lie flat! It is not a snowflake at all! It has seven points! Woops!

So that is what I have done.

I have made them in some of my rainbow colours crochet cotton and also silver and gold.


They haven’t been ironed or stiffened, except the smaller silver and gold ones. I stiffened the smaller silver one with PVA glue and it is stiff as a board. For the smaller gold one I used spray starch and I preferred the feel of that one.

I have also been crochetting some more baubles.

Bauble shells

Now all I have to do is finish them off and work them into my special Christmas projects.

My aim is to pin out the snowflakes when I stiffen them. Like I did using the template below.


But I want to make more templates and I have still to find my geometry set!

There was frost on the roofs this morning so maybe I should change to my winter background.

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