Slipper soles

Just a short post today as I have had a bad cold these last few days and none of my ongoing projects are finished yet.

Do you remember these:-

Knitted slippers

And how I used stuff to make the soles non-slip.

Slipper soles with non-stick dots

As you can see rather badly, partly because the stuff became very thick once the pot had been opened but also because I am a bit clumsy with things like that.

Well in wear I had two problems because the second coat had made the bobbles too thick and so they hurt my feet and tended to break off.

Eventually I removed most of the bobbles that were left and waited for inspiration and time.

Having looked at all the sew on soles that one could buy – and the prices! I finally decided to try and make my own from dishcloth cotton and silicone sealer. The soles are crocheted not knitted!

This is the result.

Slipper with non-stick soles

I actually made the first one a while ago and unlike the special non-slip sole stuff silicone sealer actually stays at the right consistency weeks later. (I had bought it to use in my shower tray.)

They had been worn when I took this photograph which is why the cotton is not gleaming white.

Of course knitted slippers are fine on carpets but I have a ceramic floor in my kitchen and I wanted to be safe when I went in there. The silicone sealer works well for this.

The soles show a little in use but that means, I hope, that the wool is not rubbing on the floor and since they are sewn on, if the soles wear out before the uppers, I can remove them and make some more.

8 thoughts on “Slipper soles

  1. These are just too cute! I love the colors, but I LOVE the design (my ankles like slippers even more than my feet!). It must have been before my time that you shared these. Can I get the pattern?

    You are such a resourceful, inventive woman! I’ve always found that my crochet things hold up better in heavy (foot wear) use than knitting, and coating them with the silicone is such a stroke of ingenuity! Combining the comfort of knitting with the wearability of crochet. I love seeing what you have been up to, but this is a topper!



    1. Glad you liked them. I presume you are asking about the pattern for the slippers not the soles. It isn’t my pattern I got it from “25 Beaded Knits, Beautiful Designs in Stylish Colours” by Debbie Abrahams published by Collins and Brown. She has other ’25 beaded knits’ books this one is the one with that name and a purple jacket and flower on the cover. I liked them for the different colours. She calls them Aladdin Slippers.

      They don’t show the complete pattern but I found most of the pattern here.


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