A coat of many colours!

A little while ago I saw this post – http://www.craftsbythesea.co.uk/category/hand-made/ and was fascinated by the texture and the combination of plain and multicolour yarn.

I found that the pattern was on ravelry and came from here – http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/earhart-2

The more I revisted the pattern the more I liked it and although it actually cost money!! I decided that I had to buy it but only if I could find a way of using it for a waiscoat, as having just finished my Miette cardigan I didn’t feel that I needed another one.

Searching through the waistcoat patterns. I found this – http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/123-10-waistcoat-with-cables-in-nepal which looked as if it might be compatible.

So I bought the pattern. I knew I was going to have to buy some new points for my circular needles so although I don’t normally bother with a tension square, as I knit pretty much to standard tension, I decided to knit one. I was having to use different yarns that those suggested in the pattern and it wasn’t just straight stocking stitch so this seemed a wise choice.

The yarns are the one you saw that I had bought recently.


The plain coloured one is Drops Big Merino (aran)- Plum. I bought six 50g balls. The multicolour yarn is King Cole Riot (chunky)  –  Cool. I bough three 100g balls. They are both lovely soft yarns. The Drops in pure wool and the King Cole a mixture of wool and soft acrylic. The King Cole has a long repeat for the colours which is necessary if you want a stripey rather than a spotty effect.

I am hoping that this will be the right amount.

My first attempt was just not right! This is what should have been the ‘right’ side!

Knitting mistake

It took me a while to work out why. But it was all to do with how you carried the yarn when slipping stitches.

So when I worked that out! So much better!

Tweed pattern

This shows my attempt with two different sizes of needles. The pattern specifies 28 rows to 4″/10cm and 6mm needles gave me about the right width but only about 3.5″ in height, so I tried 7mm. However a quick count of the rows on the sleeves suggested that it was more like 32 rows for 4″. So I am going with 6mm.

I have now knitted about the first six inches and am pleased with how it is turning out.

Work to dateI love the way the pattern is interesting without being too tricky and how the changing colours create continual interest so it doesn’t become boring.


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