Signs of Autumn

On Tuesday afternoon I set out to look for signs of Autumn.

Oh how I would love to live in New England where the Autumn colours are so gorgeous but I don’t so I did what I could.

Normally, in search of Autumn, I would head for Southampton Common but riding on the bus a few days before I realised that I might find as much to photograph by going to the city parks which are just as close.

The weather in the afternoon was not as good as it had promised in the morning so all these photographs were taken in Watts Park or along the way there and back.

Autumn has always held a special fascination for me and when I was younger I wrote several poems celebrating the beauty of autumn.

Now I know that I am not a great poet, not even a good one perhaps. Nonetheless I would like to finish this post with a poem I wrote when I was nineteen that has always stayed with me.


Sadder than winter,
Lovelier than Spring.

with the sadness
of a dying world
that makes
each leaf a tear,
each breath a sigh.
than winter’s bleakness
and sterility
for the dying
deserve more pity
than the dead.

The trees now shine
clad in copper golds
among the yet green trees
and tall dark pines.
While sun
like new washed gold
filters palely through
and in the dawn
hang filmy cobwebs
bright with dew.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

No tall dark pines among these photographs, I would have needed the Common for that, or dewy cobwebs I am afraid. Maybe another time.

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