Bonbon hat and mittens

Hat and mittens

As you can see I have now finished Jill’s Bonbon hat ( and a matching pair of mittens.

The mittens may not look very long but this is partly because I only had a limited amount of yarn and anyway they still fit within the sleeves of my outdoor jacket.

So back of the right hand

Mitten on right hand

and palm of the left.

Mitten on left hand

I tried for a picture of both at once but decided that was just too tricky!

I am feeling very tired and a bit achey at the moment and I had great difficulty photographing the hat as it doesn’t look the same unless it is on a head but I looked so haggard that I had to compromise with the following that I feel are not up to the standard I normally set myself.

I really like this hat because you can wear it in different ways.

In a hurry – just like in the picture that accompanies the pattern;

Original way with hat

With more time, with the band turned back;

Brim folded upAnd if it is warm, more like a proper hat, as one of Jill’s customers liked it.

Rolled brim

I made a few mistakes in the hat but they don’t seem to show in the photos which is good. I also changed the way I dealt with the extra two chain on the second mitten so strictly speaking they don’t match. Not sure if what I did on the second mitten is right but it looks better.

As well as finishing the hat and mittens I have also been spending more money!

New yarn

The yarn is for two different projects. The cotton yarn for a long delayed project that is going to be delayed a little bit more till I have finished the other project which is a knitted waiscoat, The little bag is a few bits for Christmas and some more bookmarks.

I had to buy the yarn for the waiscoat from two different on-line shops. I have bought from both of them before but I was surprised to see the fancy packaging of the yarn from Wool Warehouse.

A closer look:-

Woolwarehouse packaging

Now what can I use this bag for? Mmm…

I have also made a couple more bookmarks to replenish the stock.

Two more cross bookmarks

I decided to tidy up so all my projects were in one place and I could pick out whichever I felt like working on at that moment.

Projects in bag

I discovered that there are five on the go at present!

10 thoughts on “Bonbon hat and mittens

  1. Loving the hat and mittens. Looks like you will need them this week. When I saw that pile of new wool I gave an involuntary aaaah! Gorgeous colours. I have got so much wool for a backlog of projects I simply must not buy more. Just enjoy others purchases. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Your BonBon set is DIVINE!!! You picked a beautiful shade of yellow πŸ™‚ Did you make up the mitt pattern, or did I miss Jilly posting it?? Either way – job well done πŸ™‚ Sorry you’re feeling poorly, more hooker therapy is in order with those lovely new yarns! xox


    1. Yes I did make up the mitten pattern. I had some more yarn in the same colour so it seemed a shame not to have the set. With Chronic Fatigue always in the background I do get a bit up and down these days but I am really looking forward to starting my waistcoat.

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  3. Wow, Jane, your hat turned out beautifully – and as for the mittens, well, I’m thrilled!! They are absolutely stunning and it would never have occurred to me to try that stitch for something like that. Thank you so much for trying my pattern – I have found I don’t like doing patterns, because when I make something I just kind of wing it, so there’s bound to be a mistake in anything I write down for anyone else πŸ™‚
    Hope you are feeling better and have got some energy back – xxx


    1. It was a good pattern though I did more increases than six. I would be interested to know what you did with the extra two chain at the beginning of each row. For the hat and first mitten I just left them to be more at the back but for the second mitten I worked the first bptr of each row round both the 2ch and the bptr of the previous row which hid them more. What do you do?


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