Yummy Beetroot greens

When I buy beetroot from the greengrocer’s, I like to buy it when the leaves attached are fresh and green. Then I have an extra vegetable to enjoy.


First, I remove the leaves from above the red stems.

Beetroot leaves

I cut off the beetroot

Beetroots cut off

and they go in the fridge for another day.

I keep the red stalks

Beetroot stalks

for adding to the pan when I make soup. (It will turn it pink but who cares!)

I then wash the leaves and discard any that are discoloured or badly damaged.

Discarded leaves

Slice an onion and put it in a big pan with a little oil.

Onions in pan

Fry the onion until it is soft and then add the leaves. I normally tear up the larger ones.

Leaves added to pan

I put a lid on the pan. (This pan doesn’t have a lid so I use an old one I have,)

Lid on pan

I then let the leaves wilt for a few minutes.

Leaves wilted down

After this I add a few splashes of lemon juice and a teaspoon or so of tahini.

Lemon juice and tahini

Mix well. (You could add salt and pepper as well if you wished though I don’t.)

And here you have two of your ‘five-a-day’! But I don’t normally spread it out like this.


I use it at as vegetable to accompany whatever I might be making that day. Delicious!

Helping on plate

Here is one I made earlier! with stuffed butternut squash.


The light was very bad that day so I switched on the kitchen lights when taking the photographs. The observant among you may notice my shadow on some of the photographs.

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