Cross bookmark charts

For anyone who may be interested I have just added charts to my patterns for cross bookmarks.

I created them for a german lady who couldn’t work from the wordy version but I thought they could be of use to anyone.

This is the one for Cross bookmark 2


that is actually my preferred version.


And this is the one for Cross bookmark 1.


cross1-chartThey are not perfect but I hope they will be useful.


12 thoughts on “Cross bookmark charts

  1. I have never made anything from a chart, nor have I ever created a chart for one of my patterns. I do sketch out patterns sometimes, and they sort of look like your charts. Do you have resource suggestions for learning this method. It would be nice to create chart versions of my patterns to appeal to a wider audience. Thank you!


    1. I do like a chart as well as a written pattern myself. I use Corel Draw but I have just experimented with the drawing tools in Word and although I didn’t find it as easy it allows you to do a lot of the things you would need. To give you an idea of how I start – To create a granny square say, I would start with a treble (US dc). I would draw a vertical line, then a short horizontal line across the top then a short diagonal line across the middle. I would then ‘group’ them and this would be my basic treble. Word only allows you to rotate things by hand (or just a few angles) whereas Corel lets you specify any angle which is more accurate. If you copy and paste twice then you can rotate one left and one right and group all three to give a basic three treble granny group. Then you can arrange these groups in relation to each other and add ovals for chains and dots for slip stitches. Basically I create a few building block items which I then keep as templates and by copying and grouping in bigger and bigger groups you can build up quite a large chart. I find a little care at the start with getting the angles and spacing correct pays dividends later on.

      You would have to cut and paste into a graphics program if using Word to get the final jpg file to use for a blog.

      I actually realise explaining all this that by flipping my basic group for the cross, I have the double diagonals for the double trebles going in both directions but I don’t think it will confuse anyone so I won’t correct it now.

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  2. Thank you for the chart. I just finished making the Cross for a dear friend whose husband just died.
    It turned out so nicely. Your directions were great, but I like a chart to follow too.
    I am enjoying your blog so much, and also enjoyed the photos of your recent trip.
    Again, Thank you.


  3. They are truly beautiful. I know Karen still used the one you made that I passed on to her. She would love to be able to make them herself so I’ll forward this post to her, but she’s left handed and uses that as an excuse not to be able to do “fiddly” work 🙂 xx


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