Top-down knitted cardigan

A while ago now I found a pattern  for a rather pretty cardigan on Ravelry – It was knitted from the top down – so no seams. Yay!

It also had bust shaping,  a rather pretty pattern round the edge and raglan sleeves. What’s not to like!

It was obviously a very popular pattern and lots of people had made it so I added it to my ‘queue’ and waited till I had finished the sea and sand ripple blanket.

I started it just over two weeks ago and here is a photograph I took when I had just got a few rows below the yoke.

Yoke doneYou are now just knitting the body so the stitch count has gone down from to 247 to 153. It is a well written pattern with frequent stitch counts. The only difficult part (so far) is row 25 where you are casting on extra stitches at both ends for the front neck. What is written is 100% accurate but I found it hard to get my head round it.

It is knitted in aran weight wool on 5mm needles, with 4.5mm for the rib later on.

I showed you the yarn I  had bought for it some time ago.
Yarn for cardigan

The original pattern suggests a cotton yarn but this is wool and alpaca.

I am pleased to find that I have now finished the body of the garment

Body completed

and will now move on to the sleeves.

The last part will be my least favourite as I will then have to pick up stitches for the button bands and neck.

Here is a close up of the pretty holey pattern round the edge and the twished rib. It will be clearer of course when I have ironed it.

Pattern and rib

It is a designed as a short cardigan and though I have bought extra yarn to make it a bit longer and have full length sleeves. I only lengthened the body by two inches to bring it to just below my waist. The pattern suggest 60cm circulars but by putting it on my 100cm ones (no issue with length as it is not knitted in the round) I was able to try it on and check it fitted. It is meant to be tight fitting and I think it will be just right when it is completed.

4 thoughts on “Top-down knitted cardigan

    1. Yes! I like it so much I am thinking if I knit another jumper I would try to convert the pattern to top down or else I think you could do something similar going upwards. I like the colour sometimes and sometimes it just looks a dull grey – most odd.


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