Confession time! and a ‘Thank You’

Recently I didn’t have anything at a suitable point to take to the ‘Crafty Coffee’ morning so I decided I would take a copy of my Christmas bauble pattern and some #10 crochet cotton and start making some more crochet baubles for that special time of year.

Original bauble

However as I followed the pattern – shock horror! – there was a mistake. On row 3 the pattern said to repeat five times when it should have been eleven and this mistake was repeated on the following rows.

I have now corrected this but if anyone tried the pattern and got totally confused I apologise.

I will include here a few extra suggestions for anyone who wants to make some baubles based on my recent experience.

The original bauble was made to fit over a ball I begged off my daughter.

Ball covered with cling film

But since my original attempt at covering the ball with vaseline had made it go soft, I decided to buy some polystyrene balls from Hobbycraft as this way I could stiffen a few at once and have a better ball. The size I thought was closest to the original was 70mm.

Polystyrene balls

Having made a new bauble this time in red, I covered the ball with cling film as before. This time I decided that I would stiffen both halves at one to make an even join. And to ensure that I knew where the  halves fitted I used a bit of old fuse wire to hold them together. (This was a little hard to remove at the end as it had stuck firm so I broke the wire.)

Fuse wire joining

I also sewed a piece of thread round the joining edges to keep them close together, to help them fit closely.

Halves sewn together

I remove this at the end before sticking the two halves together with polystyrene glue. [I need a new tube my present glue has gone a bit thick.]

Comparison of baubles

I had to stretch the crochet more to fit this size ball which is obviously a little larger than the one I used before, as you can see, but I think it makes for a better bauble.

Finished red bauble

End of apology!

However on a brighter note Lisa Victoria from yarnchick40  has just made a very pretty crochet hook case from my pattern – so at least that one works and I have seen crochet crosses and granny ripple blankets made from my patterns on Ravelry so at least some of my patterns work.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

I also want to thank say a big THANK YOU to Marianne of maRRose CCC who sent me this bracelet as part of her recent giveaway. Her’s is a blog I follow as she makes lots of lovely colourful things.


 I just love the flower beads and the colours are my favourite ones – so pretty and dainty.

Here I am wearing it.

Wearing bracelet

6 thoughts on “Confession time! and a ‘Thank You’

  1. your xmas baubles are absolutely lovely, but i don’t think i could go to all that hassle with polystyrene balls and vaseline and wire!!! I used to make mine with balloons (small ones), and dip the whole thing in starchy gluey mixture. When dry, pop and gently pull out the bits of dead balloon. 🙂 A different kind of fiddly, I suppose. x


  2. Hi Jane! Your baubles remind me of the decorations my Granma Amy used to make 🙂 I think I’m going to hunt all of them up that I can find for my tree this year. I’ll try to post close-ups if you want some inspiration 🙂
    Have a bee-yooo-tee-full day!!


  3. ohhh.. the christmas bubbles look stunning.. i’ve seen some DIY ones which using balloons..but I think the threads are wrapped around rather than crochet.. your tutorial looks brilliant. 😉


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