Cotton socks! now the summer is over.

Cotton socks

Another pair of sock finished! I told you back in June when I finished my last pair and the weather was so hot and sunny that I was thinking of buying some yarn to make cotton socks.

A lot of cotton sock yarn is almost half wool and I wanted some thing that was all cotton and I found That Rico made ‘Rico Superba Cotton Stretch’ which came in 100g balls and whose mixture was as this label shows.

Ball band

The colour is called ‘Jeans blue’ but like the yarn I bought for a cardigan it more often looks grey to me but it changes in the light as you can see from the varying colours in these photographs.

This shows the only colours it comes in.

Sock colours

White, Cream, Fuchsia, Jeans Blue, Grey, Black. I almost thought of buying the pink one but it was out of stock so that made the choice easy. As you can see with a short pair of summer socks there is plenty left!

One Friday I saw a friend knitting a pattern that rather intrigued me as it looked a bit like cable and I decided to use it for these socks. It is a very easy pattern.

Pattern repeat

And although the exact pattern only repeats every thirty rows, the actual pattern is just a matter of 4 knit stitches followed by six purl stitches repeated identically for the first four rows then two rows all knit. After this the stitches move to the right or left by two and you carry on in the same way.

It was slightly tricky when it came to changing from one row to another but I arranged this to happen at the back and I think it hardly notices.

I decided to make the socks so they were mirror images of each other.

Wearing the socks

The cable effect is somewhat diminished when they are worn but I still think that it makes an attractive pattern.

My view of the socks

I have worn them as it is still fairly warm but soon I will put them away for next summer!

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