Ripple blanket statistics

The finished ripple blanket

I was in so much of a hurry to get my sea and sand ripple blanket post out that I forgot to add some statistics about it. And the weather is now dry too , so I managed to get a photograph of the whole completed blanket.

Of the fourteen balls of Stylecraft yarn that I started with – More about the colours here-

Yarn bought for blanket

just these small balls remain.

Left over yarn

I am not sure why some of the balls are much smaller than the others though I do think that with some colours the yarn seems thicker and so there is probably less length and I may even use more for a row. The white though is smaller because I used some when experimenting on making crochet orchids.

The blanket measures just over 3ft wide and 6ft long at approximately 97 by 186cm.

Each of the fourteen colours were used on eight double rows. (The pattern uses two different rows to make a stripe.) The middle seventeen stripes were worked in the same group of colours from my stash yarns as I had calculated that there would only be enough yarn in a ball for eight stripes and I wanted the blanket a bit longer. This added 9.5 inches or 24cm to the total length.

That makes a total of 129 stripes.

Completed sea and sand blanket
This will enlarge for a closer look

I will put the balls in my oddment drawer, ready to be used for small projects.

I’ll end with a photograph you’ve seen before that is my favourite – because I can!

Favourite picture

13 thoughts on “Ripple blanket statistics

  1. The yarn ‘before’ shot is a good idea for future reference. I always forget to write down info like brand and color name ~ a group photo would help jog my memory. I am soooo doing that from now on πŸ™‚


  2. Looks really lovely, I bet the recipent will be over the moon with it. I’m hoping to star my ripple blanket late part of this year or January. Mind you I am so tempted to start right now, but really must finish off my WIP’s first.


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