Granddaughter’s visit – crochet and BookBench sculptures

My Granddaught came to stay on her own for a week of her summer holidays as she has done in previous years and we had lots of fun, including a day out in London eating our sandwiches with Paddington Bear in view eating his.

Paddington Bear

More about this later on.

Louisa had asked to learn some more about crochet when she came, having previously only learnt to make chains.

So this time I thought I would try to teach her two things.

  • To tension the yarn on her hand – previously she used a rap around method I had found on a U-tube video.
  • To make double crochet (US – singles crochet).

She managed to learn how to tension the yarn while feeling more comfortable with her previous method and in the end reverted to that method even for the double crochet stitches. However she said she will try to practice the tensioning so as to have a choice for the future.

She learnt how to make double crochets though I helped by working the first row (or two) into the chain for her. Since I am right-handed and she is left-handed if you notice that the pieces look a bit odd at the start that is because, since you can work into crochet stitches in both directions I didn’t try to teach myself to work left-handed as I had when teaching her knitting but did the first rows as I normally do.

She made a chain sash for her angel from chains (and also for the prince I had knitted for her though I forgot to get a photograph.) just to get back into the rhythm.

Knitted angel with sash

Then, when I had shown her how to do double crochet, decided to make a small blanket in red – which was later folded over to form a pillow. Her second blanket was better and I started her off on making an edging in a contrasting colour. I explained how to work into the sides and that she needed to work three stitches at each corner and she happily completed the whole thing by herself.

Two crochet blankets

Here is the angel with her blanket.

Angel with blanket

After this I showed her how with three colours you could work stripes without having to cut the yarn, and how to change colour.

(Again no photograph – sorry. I was pretty tired by the end of the week and busy trying to entertain parents and make her a crochet snake from oddments left from the CAL blanket.)

Crochet snake

Our big outing on the best day of the week (The weather being rather wet most days.) was to go to London on the train to see some the fifty BookBench sculptures that were on show there.

More about this here: –

Here is the gallery of pictures of the BookBench sculptures some with Louisa sitting on them. I didn’t photograph all the seats both with and without Louisa and I also didn’t photograph the back of all the seats, so I have just shared a selection of the photographs I did take.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

An aside here – In order to have small images and six columns so that the gallery did not overload the page I altered the default size of ‘thumbnails’, only to realise that that changed the size of the images in every post where I had chosen ‘thumbnail’ when I wanted to insert a small version of an image. Luckily WordPress allowed me to pick out those posts and by changing the setting of the image to ‘custom’ I was able to restore the original size. I will be wary of using ‘thumbnail’ again just to have a small image.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Clicking on any image will show a full size slideshow starting with that image.

There was no way we could visit all the book seats so we looked at the ones on the Riverside Trail map and then made our way to Greenwich and saw a few more. Louisa saw an exciting looking play park and asked if we could go there.

I took a few photographs. These two were the best.

A wobbly walk

As you can see it was a bit of a dull day.

SwingingBut she still had lots of fun and we finished up with an ice-cream each.

We had taken yarn and hooks with us to do some crochet on the train as it takes over an hour to get from Southampton to Waterloo.

Train journey crochet

I think you can guess which was which.

On the return journey we had a bit of a hiccup as it sounded from an announcement we heard, sitting in one of the last available seats on the train, as if our tickets might not be valid on that train. This really worried Louisa so we got off, walked all the way down the train to the rear where the conductor was and asked. He said no! ‘Saver’ tickets were fine it only applied to ‘Super Saver’ ones. So we quickly got on the train and walked through full compartment after full compartment to almost the back. There were a few single seats but none where we could sit together so we decided to sit on the floor. That didn’t stop the crochet however.

Crochet on floor of train

Apart from the above we found some time to play Mario Kart on my Wii and even more games with Uncle Michael on his new WiiU. And progressed from ‘Syberia’ to ‘Syberia 2’ on my desk-top.

We also had fun finding new loom band bracelets to try. I thought I had taken at least one picture but I see not! 😦 And cooking Stuffed Peaches as in this post:-

I also made some ‘Millionaire’s shortbread’ to take home which I will share with you later.


11 thoughts on “Granddaughter’s visit – crochet and BookBench sculptures

  1. Goodness!!!! that was a full fun day!!! 🙂 I love the lushness of the grass the crochet and that both of you are were able to spend time and crochet 🙂
    p.s Jane would you tell NanaCathy that I cannot comment on her blog please??


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