Sea and Sand blanket completed

I’ve just had a very exhausting but fun  week with my granddaughter but I have so many photographs to show you that I need a bit more time so I decided that I will show you something that I completed just before my granddaughter arrived.

My sea and sand blanket

Here it is folded up on the camphor wood chest.

Finished blanket folded

It is a miserable day today but luckily when I had finished the body of the blanket it was bright and dry so I took a photograph of the whole thing on some outside paving below a window.

Body of blanket completed
This will enlarge for a closer look!

I wanted to give it a border and my first thought was to use white but then I thought that white may get grubby easily and spoil the look so I settled for turquoise.

A row of crab stitches
Edge of hexagon blanket
Spectrum ripple blanket
Spectrum ripple blanket

My first thought had been to use crab stitch as in my hexagon blanket but I tried a small sample and it didn’t work.
I also wanted this border to enhance rather than detract from the ripply nature of the blanket so far from filling in the ripples to give a straight border as I had done with my spectrum ripple blanket, I did a couple of rows of double crochet (US – sc) along the ripples and created a ripply edge up the sides.

Blanket with ripple edge

The pattern does have a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ side.

Right –

Right side of blanketand Wrong –

Wrong side of blanket

But they are both attractive.

I think that this pattern makes a really lovely blanket and I hope my daughter likes it.

28 thoughts on “Sea and Sand blanket completed

  1. It is an amazing blanket, I love the colours, the ripples and your border, turquoise is a glorious colour, and to keep it rippled is genius. If your daughter doesn’t like it I will be most surprised. Lucky lady! Glad you had a good time with your granddaughter, look forward to seeing your pictures. Cold and grey today as well. Thanks for sharing, Cathy x

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