Almondy Stuffed Peaches

I realised when I made a picture menu for my recipes that I have not yet shared with you my favourite peach pudding. I suppose part of the reason for this is that I am normally making it when I have guests so I haven’t time to think of taking photographs along the way.

This week my granddaughter is visiting and one of the things she especially asked for was my ‘stuffed peaches’, so on Saturday we made the filling all ready for cooking as Sunday pudding.

Almondy Stuffed peaches

I don’t know where we got the original recipe; it may have been off the back of a tin of peach halves. My mother used to make it when I was a child but we changed the recipe to suit what we had and our taste. In those day you could buy a large tin of peaches (1lb 13oz) that contained seven large peach halves or a smaller tin that contained seven small peach halves. Nowadays they only sell the smaller tins and they contain a random number of peach halves. When making the pudding on this occasion, two tins gave me eleven peach halves! The main difference with my version is that I make twice as much filling because it is so delicious.

It is a really quick and easy recipe. The filling can be prepared the day before but it really doesn’t take very long to mix up on the day.

Almondy Stuffed Peaches recipe (For 4)

You need two tins of peach halves which you drain and then pick out two of them to mash up as part of the filling. (If any of the peaches look a bit mushy these are the ones to use as they are much easier to mash and less good for being filled.)

Two tins of peaches


Together with the two peach halves, you take

  • 2 trifle sponges,
  • 2oz (5og) ground almonds
  • 1oz (25g) soft brown sugar,
  • 1oz (25g) butter,
  • a few drops of almond essence.

Ingredients for filling

You crumble the trifles sponges.

Trifle sponges crumbled

Chop up the two peach halves.

Peach halves chopped

Then put everthing into a bowl and blend together thoroughly.

Filling mixed

The filling was enough for four people but Sunday I was only making it for three, so I put seven peaches in a dish.

Peach halves in dish

Two each and one to fight over! 😉

You fill each peach half with a big blob of filling.

Peaches filled

Spoon one tablespoon of the juice or syrup from the tin over each stuffed peach.

Juice poured over

And put in the oven. The original recipe says 20 mins at 425 deg F (210 deg C) but I have been finding with my fan oven that 15 mins at a lower temperature is enough.

Cooked stuffed peaches

And this is how they look.

Serve with the remaining syrup/juice or cream. We go for the cream!

And enjoy. 🙂




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