Just a rose


My garden has been growing like mad this summer and I have neglected it somewhat so the bindweed that has spread to my garden from next door had really gone wild. There was so much that I ripped away at it with gay abandon and broke off one of my white roses in the process. Normally I don’t pick my flowers as they last so much longer out of doors but of course I had to rescue this rose and bring it indoors. Later that evening when I went into the kitchen, where I had placed it in a vase, I was regalled with the most delightful scent and this morning when I came down to make my breakfast and looked at it, I thought it so beautiful that I had to take a photograph, there and then before my breakfast.

However the photograph at the top of this post is not quite what I took.

Which is this.


I took three photographs in the morning and this was the best except for a couple flaws.


There was a streak where the paint has faded due to being cleaned and an unwanted shadow on the left. So I decided to remove them.

Since I have been interested in monochrome photography lately, I then wanted to try it in black and white. However I suspected that a black and white version of the above would look a little insipid – as you can see here.


So I took the rose into the sitting room where I knew the background would be much darker and with a wide apperture could be persusade to fade out of focus.


This time however I noticed the small holes in the rose where something had been eating it. The perfectionist in me didn’t approve of this so I removed them.


I had also taken a colour version in the siting room and improved that.


0286-otherrose and after


This evening I decided to see if I could photograph the rose without showing its flaws. Which is possible – untouched up rose.


But as you can see I was right to take the photographs this morning, it has past its most beautiful moment though the scent is still enchanting.

The question that I ask myself is “Are my attempts to improve these photographs dishonest or acceptable?”

What do you think?

I am not sure.

Now when I am photographing my knitting and crochet I sometimes lay it on the carpet by the patio doors for the best light and later on when I come to process the photographs, if I discover that there are some crumbs on the carpet, I remove them just as I have done here but that has never bothered me.

But on the other hand –

Some time ago I had a problem photographing a hat and scarf I had made because the single colour yarn came out all blotchy looking and my normal attempts to correct the colour weren’t working.

My son was around at the time and he offered to have a go. He did a very good job and then just as an encore he ‘improved’ my face as well as you can see here.


Now if I posted this as a present day picture of me I would think that dishonest!




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