Star Bunting

Finished bunting displayed

I’m not especially happy with these photographs. I suppose it tends to happen when you are in a hurry but they just didn’t look as sharp and detailed as I would have liked.

I made this for my eldest’s birthday as a little extra present. it has been my ‘bus project’ for the past few months. That is to say something that I have mostly done on bus journeys. I rather like having a ‘bus project’ it helps me get through my list of ‘to-dos’ more quickly and livens up boring journeys.

I found the pattern here:- and it has been on my ‘to-do’ list for a while.

I used up some of the DK acrylic yarn I had left from earlier projects and made a load of stars. When I had finished they looked like this:-

Finished stars

I don’t normally think of blocking the things I make but something needed to be done to make them lie flat so I found an old piece of polystyrene from the packaging round something I had bought (I like to keep these sort of things in case they come in useful!) soaked the stars in water (first time I have done this!) and pinned them out.

The polystyrene wasn’t big enough to do them all in one go. So here are some of the yellow and blue ones

Blue & yellow stars pinnedand the red ones.

Red stars pinned

This made a tremendous difference. So as the birthday approached I crocheted the cord to string them together.

However it is worth noting that they do have a tendency to want to curl up again and I did have to straighten them out before hanging them up.

I think if I made them again I would use a cotton yarn and stiffen them with spray starch.

If I didn’t have too many projects on my to-do list already I think I might try making some mini-bunting with my #10 crochet cotton.


13 thoughts on “Star Bunting

  1. They look fabulous! A lovely change from triangular bunting. If you paint some cheap PVA glue on these, on the back, it dries clear and leaves them nice and flat. Better than starch spray 😉 And you could still do it now.


    1. Thanks for that interesting idea. Unfortunately I can’t do it as I have given them to my daughter who said she liked them slightly curly – like petals! I could experiment to know for the future though. At the time I didn’t even dare try using starch, as they are acrylic, in case it ruined them and I didn’t have time to make any more.


  2. The bunting is wonderful, thank you so much. I love it and am looking forward to getting it hung up. I’ll see how it behaves, if it curls too much I might try lovelucie1’s suggestion but a little curl just gives it a nice 3D feeling.
    You really do make awesome stuff!


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