I’m just a child at heart!

Last Christmas I bought my granddaughter a Rainbow Loom and some extra bands to go with it. (Well just the name was obviously attractive!)

I’m assuming here that everyone knows what I am talking about – It’s a way of making bracelets from small elastic bands.

These last few weeks I have seen that you can now buy the bands all over the place and only Β£1 per bag. So I bought a bag of rainbow colours and brought it home. I knew I had crochet hooks so I thought I was well set up.

The first thing to do was to find some way of storing and sorting the bands – I decided to use an ice cube tray.

Bands in tray

And I found that not only did you get ‘S’ clips to join the bracelets but also a plastic hook.

Hook and clips

I have been using this (or fingers) as it seemed less likely to break the bands than one of my crochet hooks.

I needed pins but I had seen on the internet the suggestion that two pens could be used so that is what I did.

Two pens

Here you can see them with the first two bands for the double fishtail bracelet.

Of course I had to start by making a rainbow one. So I made a rainbow ‘double fishtail’ bracelet and then a single fishtail one.

First three band bracelets

These were both easy.

I had a bit more trouble in getting to grips with the method of making an inverted fishtail but I thought that it was probably my favourite.

Being of a nervous disposition I tied a piece of yarn through the last couple of bands so if they slipped off the s-clip the whole thing would not come apart.

Yarn tied through bands

Obviously I trimmed off the ends. I left them on here so you can see what I mean.

I had seen that one sort of bracelet you could make was called ‘Dragon Scale’ so of course (loving all things dragonish) I had to investigate.

This required four pins and it was suggested that if one did not have a loom that a fork would do.

My forks are not very big and the bands were too long to work easily that way. I fumbled and fussed and decided I would have to think of another way. I thought my garden rake might do, so there I was sitting on the floor of my integral garage making a dragon scale bracelet.

Using a rake

Next I made a ‘French Braid’ bracelet that I thought very pretty and light – I actually prefer the light weight ones.

French braid bracelet being worn

I had used all of the red for the dragon scale bracelet so no chance of making another rainbow one, so I was happy to use pink and blue for this. Pink and blue are the colours I wear most often so it will go with lots of my clothes.

At this point I wanted to create something myself and wondered about using three pens.

Three pens as pins

However I reasoned that whatever I might come up with would probably have been discovered by someone else, so I had a look on the internet and sure enough – there was the three pin fishtail described.

I decided to make this in repeating stripes and thought that if I laid out the bands on my wrist-rest that I could make sure I used the right pattern of bands. However I actually started three bracelets and only kept the third one.

Setting out colours

I started with the two shades of pink but they didn’t really show up aginst each other. So I tried pale pink, green, dark pink, purple – 9 bands each but then the stripes were too long. So I reduced the number for each stripe to four and was happy with that.

I find making these bracelets very relaxing and you must imagine me sitting at my computer listening to one of my CDs courtesy of iTunes software (lossless of course – I find MP3s lack depth.)


And happily adding one band after another.

Three pin bracelet being made

Only slight downside to this bracelet is that you have to cut those three black bands you can see – mind you I didn’t like the black ones really.

Here are my last three bracelets.Second three bracelets

And because it is hard to see how pretty it looks here is the dragon scale bracelet worn by me.

Dragon scale bracelet being worn

17 thoughts on “I’m just a child at heart!

      1. Tried my fingers too, hurts and can’t stop until done. Been meaning to ask you to add Pinterest button on your blog, I would love to share it with my Pinterest friends. It’s a great way to get your site out there to more folks. Please.


          1. I understand your reservations but if someone downloads the pin it button extension for their browser they can pin your pictures anyway. I just try to get in there first and pin my own pictures, that way I can make sure the repins link back to my blog. These days if someone can see your picture online there are work-arounds that will enable them to use it no matter how you try to protect it, so you can only really smack a prominent copyright on each pic to deter people. Many people use pintrest boards as visual reminders of their favourite sites instead of the traditional bookmark list in their browser so it can be a tricky issue. Personally I choose to see my photos being pinned as little endorsements, but I do understand your misgivings.


          2. Sadly the internet is often completely devoid of politeness and good manners! But now I know you’d rather not have your photos pinned I will try my best to remember not to do it. I’m with you on the loom bands BTW! Even after a very frustrating first experience trying to make a miniature loom band flip flop for my impatient 8 year old niece. Six attempts! We got there in the end, but only just! πŸ™‚


          3. Just looked up flip flops. Clever! I was hoping I could work out how to make a key fob out of bands so it is presumable possible. One last thing re Pinterest. If you wanted to ‘pin’ something you could add a comment and ask. But I don’t like that for my granny ripple that I am very proud of inventing the picture that links to it is a rough sample I just showed to my readers as part of the story and someone else’s blanket. There is also a rather bad drawing I did of how to do the crochet ‘magic circle’ out there.


  1. The bracelets are playful and cute! I like the dragon scale very much too πŸ™‚ I’m a big fan of dragons and fairytales. I had no idea you were opposed to Pinterest ~ I actually print your posts to paper that I want to try, so I’m glad I haven’t pinned any. You know I’m an avid user of Pinterest, my memory is terrible and I love so many beautiful ideas & having a visual reminder of where to find the wonderful things I see around the web is a life-saver for me. I promise not to pin your stuff.


    1. Printing my posts for private use is fine, I do the same and I am not totally against other people using my pictures for Pinterest or anything else I just would like to have a choice. I have always asked when I have used other peoples pictures.


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