I love Nature

Here are some of the photographs I look while at Boars Hill.

Cloud shape

“Is it a bird; is it a plane?” or in the religious context of a retreat it could be a cross or an angel. I have always liked seeing pictures in clouds.

This was taken with my phone as my camera was back in my room and I thought it was quite unusual.

There was a dead tree for me to photograph.

Dead tree

and the canopy of trees over the road.

Leafy canopy over road

and the dappled shadows beneath

Dappled shadows on roadIt is definitely mating time for butterflies and they were very busy flying as on St. Catherine’s Hill but one stopped for me.

ButterflyThough it didn’t want to open it’s wings.

I did manage to find lots of these insects though but I don’t know what they are called.


And of course I had to photograph this bee emerging from a flower.

Bee emerging from flower

and a close up.

Bee close up

I love honeysuckle


and I photographed this perfect daisy


and a feather in the grass.


I tried a few photographs in black and white. This is one.

Black and white photo

And this concludes the photographs and adventures of my week at Boars Hill.


4 thoughts on “I love Nature

  1. wow.. so many beautiful nature shots.. I love the daisy.. it looks perfect and pure.. thank you for bring us to one of your many out-door adventures.. Love them. 😉


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