Thank you! and a hook case

Crochet matA BIG THANK YOU to everyone who made suggestions as to what I could use my stained glass style crochet mat for. I probably won’t follow up on all of them but I will definitely revisit this pattern in the future when I have some black cotton yarn.

Ripple blanket

I am really trying to work hard on my ripple banket because it has definitely slipped behind shedule but I did find time this week to make a crochet hook case. (I can’t always take the blanket with me when I am away from home – it is getting so big. And the weather has been so hot lately, one day I just had to give up on the blanket before I melted!)

Now I bought myself a knitting needle case because I thought the fabric was so pretty

Knitting needle case

and originally I had my crochet hooks in it as there are short pockets as well as tall ones but I had begun to feel that it was more convenient to keep my crochet hooks in a way that was more easily accessible and so I had bought a see through pencil case.

See through Pencil case

However from time to time I have seen fabric crochet hook cases which seemed so much better because you would easily see which size was which. I knew I could make one if I really put my mind to it but it seemed like a big challenge. But then I saw a pattern for a crochet case and that seemed to be so much quicker to make.

Case rolled up

I found the pattern on Ravelry – and also here

The suggestion is that it is made with medium weight yarn and a 5mm hook. I took medium weight to mean DK and tried a 5mm hook because I think of myself as crochetting tighter than most people but with the Rico Essentials Cotton that I used I felt that it turned out too loose. (The sizes on the ball band are given as 3-4mm.)  so I tried 4mm and 4.5mm and settled for the 4.5mm in the end.

I found the star stitch really quick and easy to do and so pretty.

Star stitch

Because of my colour choices I did two more rows than in the pattern but as you can see it is still not overly large.

Case open showing hooks

I had decided to make separate cases for my steel and aluminium hooks so this is fine for the steel ones.

When I get time I am going to make a larger case for the aluminium hooks but I have an idea of my own as to how I will do this.



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