My last adventure!

On the Friday of my time at Boars Hill I went for a walk to Hurst Hill hoping also to get a glimpse of Cumnor Folly because it sounded intriguing and I love the idea of follies. I found the right way as was confirmed by a couple of walkers who told me that I didn’t need to worry about the cows! This was confirmed by a notice on a tree near the entrance.


I found the triangulation point


and the cows. No trouble there thank goodness!


I had been told by the two walkers that there was an unofficial gate that would allow me a short cut back to Boar’s Hill. I wondered if this was what they meant.


and whether this


meant that someone else wanted to keep it unofficial.

I stood on top of the style and admired the view


and wondered if law abiding Jane should take the risk. In the end I decided that it would be difficult to climb back if I changed my mind and anyway I wanted to explore some more.

I found some seats made out of dead trees,


the remains of a fire


and this.


I wondered if the Scouts from Youlbury Scout camp had been here.

I kept walking, hoping to find the way in. I wondered if I should have used my father’s method of looking back at every turn, in case I needed to retrace my steps.

I continued to walk and walk and walk and wondered if I would be lost for ever and my whitened bones would be found years later! I wished I had brought a bottle of water (and my compass). My more phlegmatic side said that since I was walking round the edge of the wood I was bound to reach the way in eventually. And so it was!

I made my way back the way I had come and turned up a side path hoping to get a glimpse of the folly but still quite a way from the gate


I heard such a clamour of barking from not just one but obviously several dogs that I turned round hastily and walked speedily back down the road.

I arrived back at the Priory just as it was beginning to rain.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

I did have other walks but they aren’t worth reporting however I will do another post with some of my ‘nature’ photographs.

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