Pretty – BUT

How could I use it?

0276-crochetmatIt is supposed to be made in cotton and then you make two and join them together and use it as a pot-holder. I don’t use pot-holders though. I have an old-fashioned style oven glove that I think is much more protective.

But it looked such a pretty pattern, especially as I could incorporate a rainbow.

This one is made from odd balls of wool just as a trial. And maybe if I made another one I would change the pattern slightly.

It is about eight inches (20cm) across, so too big for some uses, too small for others.

I started making one in my #10 crochet cotton but that would have been too small even for a coaster. So I really don’t know.

I fitted it in between doing other things but I would like to come back to the pattern if I knew how I could use it.


22 thoughts on “Pretty – BUT

  1. I think you should hang it some where that would make you smile. If not on a wall in a room where it might not fit in with your decor, how about on the inside of a kitchen cupboard door?


  2. Put it on the cupboard when not in use, so it is decoration, but USE IT as a hot pad on the table. It will get its chance to shine when you pass that hot dish and uncover its radiance!


  3. Use it as the starting point of a beret and make it a slouchy, so that all the pattern can be seen. Use the dark forest green or black for the around-the-face part. I know that is backward construction with most patterns beginning at the face and building out, but it would be worth it to see it bobbing along on the back of your head!!


  4. Use it as a decoration applique for a plain cushion. Just display on the wall like a mandala. MAke another and use a garden cane for a stem, add some leaves to make a BIG flower


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