Super soft shrug


I have finished the shrug I was making with the mohair yarn I aquired.

Here is the finished knitted piece.


Unlike the woman who contributed the pattern to Ravelry, I joined the top of the side to the bottom of the side rather than a few inches up because I thought that it gave a lovely line to the garment and didn’t find it ‘slouchy’ but then maybe I am a little larger than she was!


Here is a picture of the side view.


And the back view.


I find using the self-portrait feature on the camera very stressful and nor entirely satisfactory so maybe it is no surprise that for the first set of photographs that I took, I was wearing the shrug upside-down.

Surprisingly I found that this gave a different but by no means unpleasing alternative – a longer line and smaller collar.

As here:-




0272-wrongsideand front.


I would definitely recommend this pattern. (Also found in Ravelry).

Pattern for the Mohair Shrug/Bolero | Frogginette Makes Things

Very easy, elegant lines to finished garment and I think could be made in other yarns.


22 thoughts on “Super soft shrug

  1. SO FLAMING gorgeous!!!! I’d have to find a crochet version (being the slowest knitter in the world) but I would love something like this. Right this second, in fact – it’s F for cold here πŸ™‚


    1. Just thinking! it would be easy to crochet as it is only a rectangle 24ins/60cm tall and maybe a bit wider. Then double the number of stitches for another 8ins/20cms. You could use a basic treble pattern maybe with crochetting between stitches on previous row to give it some softness.


  2. That is really pretty! And the fact that you can wear it upside down is cool, too. I saw a cardigan in vogue once that was designed to be worn both ways, and it did not look this good upside down. πŸ™‚


      1. Well, as it is yours, you can wear it any way you want! I can see times when you might want it longer or shorter, or a small or larger collar. It is very versatile!


  3. Gorgeous. Love your colour choice. I think I like your upside down option best! What a clever design, I’m off to look x


  4. It’s beautiful and I LOVE it both ways! I would never have know if you hadn’t mentioned that it was upside down. I sell Mohair but have never been inspired to use it..until now. I think I should join Jill, you gave her lots of great pointers πŸ™‚


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