Socks for another season!


I have finished another pair of socks!

Unfortunately, I have realised that the weather is too hot for wool socks and am playing with the idea of buying some cotton sock yarn to knit summer socks.

I decided that I wouldn’t try to make these match and just started each one at the start of the ball.


I am pleased with them and pleased with the really very straighforward pattern


I had planned to just make a stocking stitch pair next time but the best cotton sock yarn I can find only comes in plain colours so I think I would have to think in terms of a pattern – watch this space!

0252-blanketHowever as well as my blanket that keeps getting sidelined.

I have another project on the go.

One of my ‘Crafty Coffee’ group friends brought in some yarn she wanted to get rid of and I found four balls of this lovely mohair among them.




So I have been busy finding a pattern to use up just this amount and now I am trying to decide which size knitting needle will give the best effect.

The yarn says 5.5mm and I normally knit to standard tension but 5.5mm is the one size needle where I only have a pair that I inherited from my mother and one point is a bit burnt looking.

I tried knitting with 5mm, 5.5mm and 6mm needles and in the end I decided to use the 6mm – partly because they are a lovely rosewood pair I was given for my birthday a couple of years ago.

This is how far I have got.


I had thought of using a lacy pattern but all the old printed patterns I had for mohair jumpers were in simple stocking stitch and rib so in the end I decided that this pattern which uses rib would be a better choice and I like the shape.

I will show you it again when I have finished.




12 thoughts on “Socks for another season!

  1. I love the socks and The mohair is going too look gorgeous, such a pretty color. Btw I shared your violets on my green dragonfly Facebook page and lots of people loved it! J xox


    1. I would have only wanted matching socks but my younger daughter used to have three pairs of socks of different shades of blue and she would just wear any two even though they didn’t match and since then I’ve thought well why should socks match?!


  2. I love both the socks and the start of your mohair project. I am planning on taking a sock project on holiday as it is easy to transport! Regarding the matchng V not matching pairs of socks. With the ones you have made when inside a shoe they are obviously a ‘matching’ pair, only if you see the toes and tops they are not quite. I like that! It’s cheeky. Both my boys went through their teenage years wearing odd socks. I gave up pairing them and left them to it!


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