Orchid Obsession

Just like once before when I got obsessed with making crochet snowflakes – HERE

This last weekend I became obsessed with making a realistic crochet orchid.

I had looked at the display of crochet flowers on my kitchen windowsill


and decided that what I needed next was something tall. To replace the Mexican hat plants that I had had on there for so many years.

I had thought of crochet poppies but wondered if their delicate papery petals could be truly captured in crochet.

But then I suddenly thought that as money was no object! one crochet flower costing about the same as any other, I could have a spray of orchids.

Now my crochet flower book0254-flowerbook

had patterns for poppies but not for orchids, so I decided that I would have to look on-line.

But being the impatient soul that I am, very soon I decided that the quickest, easiest option was to try and design one myself. Well maybe not necessarily quickest but I was away …………….

So my sock and blanket were laid aside and I was obsessively focussed on orchid creation for the whole of the weekend.

I did a Google image search for orchids and would love to show you some of the results but might be infringing copyright.

However here is a link to the type of orchid I was trying to copy – LINK

In the end I decided that the archetypal orchid was probably the Moth Orchid – Phalaenopsis.

There are so many colours but I decided to start with trying to create a white one. So I saved a picture of one that took my fancy and started.

I had great difficulty at copying the front petals and I only had red rather that dark pink yarn but this was my first attempt.


I made a second one and had a few more goes at the front petals until they were closer to what I wanted and produced this:-


The other petals were the same as the first one but now with the larger front petals the top petal was too small.

At this point in order to be able to check that I was getting the petals the right shape and their relative size and placement, I got out my graphics tablet and software and tried to trace a photograph of an orchid that I had saved to give a template. This was the PHOTOGRAPH

I have never had steady hands and they were worse than ever that day but I thickened up the drawing lines and produced this which I printed out.


Fortunately it was just about the right size and I could lay the crochet petals on top.

I then produced my final effort for the weekend which is:-


Of course I am not so easily satisfied and I can see that this needs further refinement.

However I have now gone back to the socks and blanket and will have a further attempt at the orchid in a few weeks time.

I have made this in acrylic DK yarn but wonder if it would look better in a cotton yarn, maybe even 4 ply.

What do you think?




8 thoughts on “Orchid Obsession

  1. Lovely I think that as orchids are so sculptural and delicate maybe a fine mercerised cotton would be nice- give it a sheen too. The white is lovely but how about other colours? The veining on some orchids might be interesting to work in? I like your design process.


    1. I was thinking of white because the African violets are two shades of violet and pink and the cactus has a pinky flower. Otherwise I might have tried pink. Not sure about how to do the veining but might be something to play with when I have made a few for the kitchen.


  2. I am thinking you could just add in strands of cotton thread (dressmaking) on the bits you wanted veining to show, might work? You would need to see how many strands gave you the effect you needed. Just a thought?!


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