My daughter said a long time ago that she fancied having a day with me in Winchester. Last Saturday it finally happened. The weather was horrendous as I travelled there by bus but the rain had eased off by the time I arrived and, as you will see, by the end of the day it was warm and sunny.

My daughter brought her chauffeur with her! and you will see him in one of the photographs.

I thought I would share just a few of the photographs I took that day. None of food but we did have very good pasties eaten in the cathedral grounds for lunch and went out for a meal in Southampton in the evening.

First of all I took a quick photograph of this swan as we waited to cross the road.


On our way to the West Gate we had to stop and take a photograph of this statue of a naked man on a horse.


When we got to the West Gate museum my eye was caught by this rather splendid grafitti downstairs


and the fine panelled ceiling


Then we went upstairs and someone did a bit of dressing up.


We went out on the roof but the view wasn’t very exciting.


Then we went on to the Great Hall and past the Hampshire Jubilee Sculpture.


of course this had to be investigated.


And a girl has to check her mobile phone!

The great Hall is very splendid with names of all the MPs for the area over many centuries on the end wall.


Just a small part.

On the opposite wall is the famous round table, so I had to take a photograph.0266-roundtable

There was lots of stained glass and I am a real sucker for stained glass.

This was my favourite bit.


On the right you can see the arms of King Arthur at the top and Sir Bevis of Hampton (now South-hampton = Southampton) below.

I also photographed this plaque on the wall and though I thought it was a good photograph and the plaque seemed well done, I am not sure I like it.


Later on I found this fountain. (Another fondness of mine).


It is interesting how the speed with which the picture is taken affects the way the fountain looks.


At the end of the afternoon we sat in a park in the sunshine


and behind us in the river there was a duck.


( I like photographing ducks).


6 thoughts on “Winchester

    1. You are correct about Jane Austin. She is buried in the Cathedral. We didn’t go into the cathedral this time because they charge everyone who goes into the cathedral these days. We used to pop in for a few minutes quiet but it’s different if you have to think of paying. There was a Jane Austin leaflet in the Tourist information centre but I’m not sure what it is about.


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