Crochet African violets

I was making African violets because I had been given three very pretty flower pots some years before and had used them for various real plants, though the plants kept growing and having to be repotted. I thought that they would be just the right size for African violets and since they couldn’t grow they would never need repotting. This was good!


Filled with paper all I needed was some soil, leaves and flowers to put on top. I couldn’t find a pattern for African violets so I decided to make my own. I showed you a glimpse in my post on WIPs.

The trouble with having a WIP that you put aside for a few weeks to make a ‘birthday doll’ is that when you come back to it you have to remember what you were doing. And if you have made it all up out of your head and all you have as a reminder is a small scrap of paper, this is tricky.


Luckily by close inspection of what I had done already I could get back on course.

I had already made the three brown circles I needed for the soil.


And I am not entirely sure to this day what I did here but I think I can gues if I wanted to make any more.

I had made a few leaves in three different sizes.


But I needed twelve of each.

And I had only completed the six flowers in one of the three colours I needed.


I was using crochet cotton for the the centres of the flowers and had made three.


In predictable fashion, I put together a picture on the computer to help me create a natural looking plant.


Once I was back on track I worked hard and eventually finished the first of three. Only to discover in the cold light of day that I had made a mistake!


I am not sure if you can easily see in the above photograph but the middles, below and to the left are lighter. I had made more centres one evening, had difficulty remembering where I had left my ball of yellow crochet cotton, thought I found it in the drawer where it should be, only to realise next day that I had picked up a ball of variegated yellow yarn that I had bought because I thought it would look good for pineapple bookmarks!

Luckily, I had left longish ends of yarn where I had tied them together to hold the flowers in place and was able to undo them, redo the centres and re-afix.

So finally I was able to admire my first pot of african violets on the kitchen windowsill.


A few more days and I had three pots of African violets to show you.


And a view from above.


And on the kitchen windowsill where they belong.


next to the crochet cactus I made earlier.



23 thoughts on “Crochet African violets

    1. Thank you. I know what you mean about a to-do list. I often find myself wanting to make more than I could ever get round to and even the list of items I have written down to remember is getting a bit long.


  1. They look stunning! I love those plants, but when the flowers die, mostly my plants do the same. They look absolutely great in the pots as well!


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