Two crochet dresses and a top


When I was twenty-two my brother and I went for a touring holiday around the coast of Wales and recently he found his old photographs and posted them on the web. (I have increased the brightness so you can see the dress better.)

One of the photographs was the above and I thought it might be fun to share it with you as crochet dresses were all the rage at the time and my mother made me two.

The one in the picture was, for modesty’s sake, worn over a heavy white nylon petticoat – the sort with a proper turned up hem not lace at the bottom.

And was made from this pattern.


not in the gold thread of the picture but some four-ply red cotton.

The other dress didn’t need a special petticoat and was made from this pattern


and was just as pictured.

I loved them both.

A bit later (about ten years if you go by the photograph) my mother crocheted me a top and matching bikini. The bikini was only really suitable for wearing in the garden – well you can imagine. And you will have to because I have no pictures and don’t even still have it.

But I really, really loved that top.


and I still have it, though it is a bit tight for me now and shows the bulges.


Now I am more confident with my crochet I am almost tempted to make another one but I’m not sure if I have the pattern for it.

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23 thoughts on “Two crochet dresses and a top

  1. The top is still lovely. Great colour on you. Just wear a cotton vest top under it – will show off the pattern and hide what you don’t want to show!


      1. Ah okay! I will trawl my old patterns to see if I can find anything similar if you like? I still think it looks nice but if it’s not comfy that’s another story.


  2. The dresses are fabulous! And the top, my goodness, it looks brand new! Stunning! I think I need to peek at some older crochet books…you rock that top! Even if it’s a little tight, it looks amazing!


    1. It looks new because I stopped wearing it when it was out of fashion / too tight and it is a bit broken at the neck even if it didn’t show in the photograph. I have my mothers old patterns but I couldn’t find one for the top. There are some magazines so I will have another look through them when I have time.


  3. Brilliant post. I love all that vintage crochet. The thing is it has come full circle and they are all really wearable now!
    I love that top. Its one I would consider making for myself and I rarely see crochet patterns for garments that I like. Let me know if you come across the pattern.


    1. It was because crochet dresses seems to be fashionable that I shared them, not that I would feel able to wear one now but I could wear the top, as I said in reply to another comment, there are some magazines with my mother’s old patterns and I only went through them quickly so I mush have another slower look.


    1. I doubt my mother would have been pleased she was a great one for getting rid of old things but I have such happy memories and thought it suited me so well and it was very comfortable when it fitted me.


    1. The top is worn if you know where to look like the hole under the arm but it would be possible I think to work out the pattern from the garment itself. Not sure if you can get the yarn these days though. I think it may be a 2ply sort of cotton.


  4. Those dresses were stunning, and that look is coming right back into fashion now. Your mother must have been one amazing crocheter. I like the new look, and a change is always good anyway 🙂


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