Spending money again!

Just had delivery of all this yarn.

There are three balls of Stylecraft


to replenish my stash after making the crochet blanket. This is especially as blue is my favourite colour and I almost ran out of the white.

Some flesh colour yarn in case I want to make another doll. (Grandson’s birthday is Saturday so I will share some pictures of the doll on Monday.)


This is smoother and softer that the yarn I used for the doll. Shame I didn’t have it before.

Some more sock wool. ^^’ Yes I know I haven’t knitted all I have now.


Because I like these soft fluffy yarns where the colours blend into each other (on the left) and the other (which doesn’t contain bamboo whatever it is called) because I know someone who is making a pair with this exact yarn and it knits up in such wonderful patterns.

This is enough yarn to knit a ‘Miette’ cardigan that so many people have made because I like the idea of it.


Unfortunately the colour is even closer to grey than it looks in the photograph and I was expecting ‘medium blue’. I almost returned it but in the end I decided it would still make a useful cardigan.

And I had to buy two more sets of needle points for my cables as this is Aran weight yarn and I didn’t have any points the right size.


In due course I wil share with you all the things I make with this yarn.



19 thoughts on “Spending money again!

        1. Yes, even to my eyes it is blue grey. I must ask someone who can see the actual yarn what they think. I am getting old and I know that each of my eyes sees the same turquoise differently which is very strange.


  1. The bamboo is lovely to knit with and really lovely to wear. My socks are incredibly warm which I wasn’t expecting. It was like my body was being warmed from the feet up.


  2. Wow, you have been spoiling yourself. It is always so exciting to receive new yarn, I look forward to seeing your lovely makes. I feel like a wool junkie sometimes, if my stash starts to dwindle I get very twitchy and simply have to do a little replenishment.


    1. Well the biggest spend was for the cardi and as it was only £1.30 a ball for 50g wool and alpaca it seemed a good buy and the Drops delight was only £2.70 for both balls which is good for a pair of socks. A Drops yarn sale how could I afford not to buy. 🙂


  3. This will keep you entertained and satisfied…until you see some other beautiful yarn you can’t live without! hahaha Can’t wait to see what you do with this.


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