A pair of socks in an evening!


Yes they are socks for the doll I am making. These days I tend to think of Thursdays as a day for fun posts or extras.

I used a bit of the leftover yarn I had when I made these socks.


I made one sock in the afternoon


but as you can see it didn’t turn out too well. I decided to make the socks on straight needles as I didn’ t have suitable circulars or DPNS for this size. Not only is the seam badly sewn and the toe a bit long but I wrapped four stitches when doing the heel and that made it the wrong shape for the doll’s feet. So next time I just wrapped three and and had less rows for the foot.

Here is the final pair.


The stitching is still not brilliant (I seem to have forgotten how to sew up knitting well) but they will do. 🙂 I am having to put the perfectionist in me on one side for this project.

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