Another project completed


In January I told you that I had acquired another couple of projects for this year and showed you a photograph of how far I had got on one of them.

Rainbow cowl

A scarf/hat tube thingy (or ‘cowl’ as I have now been told to call it) for someone I meet on Tuesdays who saw me wearing mine, wanted one and asked me if I would make one for her.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

Now having made one for myself originally, I shared the pattern here:-

but I will share a few photographs of my latest one.

Here is the whole thing – all 30 inches of it.

One side

and the other side

Other side

I think you can see the place where the yarn is joined in this one. There was one place where there was a knot and another place where the yarn went very thick and fuzzy and so I had two joins which annoyed me. Luckily I managed to finish off the ends without them showing. It is especially annoying to have ends when knitting with circular needles as you can’t have the join in the seam as there isn’t one! (Had the same issue with one of my socks.)

With something like this you need to use a stretchy cast on and cast off.

I have learnt that if you cast off onto a needle that has twice the diameter of the one you were using for the item it gives the necessary stretch.

There is a cast off out there – Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off – that I tried but that is effectively the same as using the larger needle so I went back to that.

Cast off

I rolled up the last ten inches and got this. Can you see how the pattern changes back and forth from swirly stripes to random colours? I hadn’t expected this and couldn’t decide if it was due to a subtle change in my tension or was the way the yarn had been coloured.

Have you ever had this happen to you?

End rolled up

Here is another photo showing the inside

Showing the inside

8 thoughts on “Another project completed

  1. I love it. I imagine the way the yarn has worked out is completely by chance and not by tension. Once around the neck it’ll just be a lovely mix of beautiful colour.


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