I could see a rainbow!

from my bedroom window on Tuesday: late afternoon.


Now this is the picture I should have taken The whole rainbow stretching across the sky but because last time I tried to photograph a rainbow it faded almost as soon as I had noticed it, I was in a hurry and didn’t even think to change the aspect on the camera but left in on the square setting that is the one I seem to use most often for my blog pictures. (Having checked: even with the camera set on wide-angle and 16:9, I still can’t quite get this.)

I don’t know if you can see where the join is but I can. However with the help of Corel I managed to combine two photos to give the above. It’s amazing what a bit of trickery can do, changing the colour balance and skewing pictures so they match.

Now rainbows can look particularly beautiful arching over a corn field but I had to make do with the view from where I live which is mostly houses.

However here is a Slideshow of the best of the photos I did take. Click on any photograph to see them full size.




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