I haven’t any finished projects to show you today so I thought I would give you a peep at all the things I have been working on lately.

The most pressing item is this


It’s for my grandson’s birthday which is at the end of the month. Originally I had wanted to buy the doll and just make clothes but I couldn’t find what I wanted so I am now a bit pressed for time. This is especially so as I am cobbling the doll and clothes together from various patterns, adapting to get what I want. And although the hair looks finished in fact, having made most of it, I now realise that I would get on better with smaller needles and, as the head is bigger than in the pattern it comes from, that I also need more stitches.

I did crochet another eight rows of my blanket while watching Formula one: qualifying and the race.


The main object being to free up the light brown wool, of which I had a limited quantity, to use for the hair for the doll.

I have also been working on some more crochet plants that I might have finished by now if it wasn’t for getting on to the doll.


Just a teaser here.

I’ve also worked on this when I needed something easy, such as Friday morning’s craft group.


It’s almost long enough to be made up.

As you can see it’s a lot bigger than when I first showed it to you.


I have spent the last few weeks measuring it hopefully and finding that “I only need another two inches”. But when I lay it down in a relaxed maner it is still too short!

And of course there is still my second sock to make.


I have finished this first one but am waiting to make the other before showing you the pair.

And of course there are a couple of other things that have been started but put to one side for the moment.


13 thoughts on “WIPs

  1. Love that rainbow yarn you are using! Also, the hair doesn’t look bad on the doll, I didn’t see anything wrong with it (then again, I’ve been the designer and something will just be bugging me about one piece). I do like the socks you are making as well! I love hand knit socks


    1. The main problem with the hair was that (although it doesn’t show in the photo) there would be a hole on top of his head if I left it as it was and also the short rows were leaving holes as well. I don’t know why I am struggling so much (because I am) as I have followed this hair pattern before. His head is bigger than the pattern the hair comes from though – hence the hole.


  2. It ALL looks great ~ you knit so well! The doll does not look like you are cobbling it together at all. He looks quite professional πŸ™‚ Your grandson will love it! Happy late Mom’s Day!


  3. Someone else with a house full of WIPS! All look brilliant and all with a different role. Look forward to the reval on all of these. Don’t sucuumb to 2nd sock syndrome!


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