Spaggetti with a meat sauce

Another simple to prepare dish that for me involves pesto but could equally be made with tomato purée for an easy bolognese (I used to do this before I gave up tomatoes!)

Again the photographs are me making this for one (ME!)

First of all you put on a pan of boiling salted water to cook the spagetti.


Then you take some sliced onion, chopped garlic and minced meat. (Here I am using lamb mince but originally I would have used beef).


Fry the onion and garlic till it is soft but not brown, then add the minced meat.


If I have them I like to add some mushrooms.


I add them after I have cooked the meat.


When everything is cooked I add either some tomato purée


or some pesto.


I often find at this point that the spagetti isn’t ready. If so I leave the sauce to one side and heat it up when the spagetti is cooked.

Serve on a plate or in a pasta bowl sprinkled with a generous helping of grated parmesan.


Although for the Italians pasta is a course on it’s own, for me this is a main meal so I like to serve it with a salad. Well it helps towards those ‘five-a-day’.

Maybe some green salad (just iceberg lettuce) if I have some.


or some Waldorf salad (celery, apple & walnuts with mayonnnase).


or my favourite Carrot salad (carrots, lemon juice, raisons with a dressing of 2 parts yogurt to one part mayonnaise and topped with toasted almonds). The original recipe had avocado in it as well but I don’t often have a ripe avocado available but it is even nicer if you do.


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