Stash busting sock-savers


I am not sure if these should be called slippers as they are fairly basic without non-slip soles so I have called them sock-savers as that is what they were made for –

keeping hand made socks clean and hole-free when running around on carpet.

They are really quick to make.

I started with a pattern I found on the web but I couldn’t get it to work for my feet so I decided to design my own. Something very quick and very simple!

I had some fawn and black yarn left over from when I made this.

Knitted Crib

I thought these would be good colours to use as then they wouldn’t show the dirt.

So I used one strand of each and a – K (US), 3 (UK), 6.5mm – hook.

Really easy!

Just 10 trebles (US – dc) into a magic loop then two trebles into each treble on the next row. A few rows round and round until they cover the toes then some more rows back and forward till they are long enough.

I then reversed direction, worked dcs (US scs) all along the edge and then slip stitched the back together.  (No sewing Yay!) If your feet were wider you might want to start with more trebles.

I have never been able to wear slip on shoes and even with these made fairly tight, I found they slipped off at the heel so I added some elastic. This was the hardest bit as I had to sew it on!

At this point they looked like this:-


Now they were meant to be functional but they were so boring! that I decided to brighten them up with a flower.

I found a pattern for a crochet ‘Rosette’ in this book that I had used earlier for the knitted roses


and just made the first two layers.


and sewed them on the toes.


And here they are worn over a pair of my hand-knitted socks.




10 thoughts on “Stash busting sock-savers

  1. so cool.. we call it home-slippers here.. 😀 but yours is really practical and functional for use especially during colder days. 😀 thank you for the tutorial.


    1. No! re the nativity. I just made the one (before I started the blog). However I do know a lady who has made lots and lots of them – maybe two or three a year. I would get bored. Took me about three or four months doing nothing else I think.


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