Half-way there!

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I am now just over half way through my ‘sea and sand’ ripple blanket. Over half way in that I have decided to reverse the order of the colours for the stripes of the second half and the top royal blue stripe will not be repeated.

I calculated before I started the blanket (in the way that I do) that each 100 g ball would be enough for eight of the double rows so as I chose fourteen colours that would give me fifty-six rows for half the blanket. When I had completed those fifty-six rows I decided that I really wanted the blanket to be a little longer so the last nine rows above (and the eight I am about to do) have been worked with yarn out of my general stash.

I wasn’t sure if I liked it earlier on but now I have got this far I have changed my mind and like it very much.

The next time I do a post about it will be when I have finished it, together with a border.

After all this time, I now find that I can mostly make nice even puff stitches on the first attempt, so I must be learning something. That’s the advantage of making a blanket like this. You do get a lot of practice at the stitches involved.

I took the above picture last week when the light was good and I was half-way through.  I am planning to reduce my quota from five stripes a week to four because that will still have the blanket finished by September and it’s easier to fit in with other projects but this last weekend I have done another four and a half stripes.



15 thoughts on “Half-way there!

  1. Looking good. It’s a nice ripple pattern, little bit different from the usual. I was hoping to use watery themed colours for my ripple but Big J had other plans!


  2. stunning! I don’t usually pay much attention to ripples (apart from the colours) but yours is particularly appealing, i really like the puffy stitches! did you make the pattern up, with your clever mathematical brain? if so, do you feel like sharing? 🙂


    1. I thought the pattern was especially interesting but I am afraid that I found it in a book. Jan Eaton’s “200 Ripple Stitch Patterns”. It’s the one called Waterbeach though she does the colours on the rows slightly differently.


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