Mother’s Day card

I know Mother’s Day was a couple of weeks ago but I thought that I would like to share the card my daughter gave me with you. (That’s the Tram museum daughter).

It is just the sort of thing it would be lovely to make if I was good at that sort of thing.


I love peacocks and their beautiful tails and this card is so cleverly made. I can’t show you enough so you can see how to make one but I will show you a few closer views.


You can see how the tail is made from many pieces that fit together

and here is how the body is made. I love the legs dangling down.


and here is the body from above.


Not only do I keep birthday and other cards up for at least a week after the event but cards I especially like are put up on the inner window sill in the kitchen


or the bookcase in my study.


This one will definitely be joining them.

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day card

  1. We are great fans of the swings cards here. We seem to have built up quite a collection over the years. They are all fabulously designed. I keep all my close family cards. I imagine in decades to come, someone opening a box of old Birthday, Christmas and Valentines Day cards and wondering about the family who sent and received them.


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