A simple supper & a tip

Here is a recipe for some baked stuffed mushrooms.

I will give you the ingredients as I made this for one but of course you can increase the quantities as a supper for more people or maybe as a starter.

You take four mushrooms. I have used the larger button style mushrooms but you could use the flat field mushrooms if you prefer.


Wash or wipe and remove the stalks.

Then you take a quarter of a tub of ricotta cheese

1 desertspoon of green pesto

1 small clove of garlic (or to taste).


Chop the garlic and mix with the ricotta and garlic.


Then use this to fill the mushrooms.


I had an extra small mushroom so I decided to use that as well.

Grate 1/4 oz of parmesan cheese


and sprinkle over the filling.


Drizzle with a little olive oil.


As you can see I am not too good at drizzling.

Then cook for 20 minutes at 180 deg C (Fan oven) or similar temperature depending on your oven.


My original recipe said to serve with chopped parsley and a little more pesto but I don’t bother.

To complete the meal I added a slice of my latest half & half artisan bread.


And a salad.

I had a carrot and raison salad this time


But a rocket, cucumber and celery salad would also be suitable though maybe less colourful.


Now for the ‘Tip’

I used to have a problem with pesto because I couldn’t store it in the fridge for very long without it going mouldy on top so this is what I do now.

I put the rest of the jar of pesto into the divisions in an ice cube tray.


Pop it into the freezer for a few hours. Remove when frozen


and then remove from tray.


I did find I needed a blunt knife to help remove the chunks.

I put the chunks in a freezer bag, then back in the freezer.


So I can take out how much I need over the next few weeks and no more mould.

19 thoughts on “A simple supper & a tip

  1. Thank you for the delicious recipe. 😊 Did you make your half and half artisan bread? It’s time for me to return to baking bread.


      1. I agree about making bread the ‘artisan’ way. I put my bread maker in the loft in 2011.
        Reading your blog has inspired me to knit a pair of socks. πŸ˜€ I’ve knitted baby bootees and Xmas stockings before but never real socks. Do you prefer 15cm double pointed needles or 20cm for sock knitting? Thanks again.


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