Ripple blanket update

Just a quick update on my sea and sand ripple blanket. The weather is dry so I was able to take it outside to photograph.


I am about three eighths of the way through (43 rows). At five rows a week I should have reached forty five but I am still on course for not much more than six months to make it.

I also want to share a picture of a daffodil that I was given on Sunday because it was one of three things that made me happy that day (Mother’s Day). The other two were being at my daughters that morning (post the trip I shared with you) and having lunch at my son’s and then playing WiU games all afternoon.


In my church very often all the mothers are given daffodils after Mass. However as I am altar server M.C.  I never count as being a mother but one of the other women there whom I have known since my children were little came up to me after Mass and gave me hers as she didn’t like people being missed. (I didn’t like to take it but she said she ‘had plenty’ and it was such a kind thought.)

I have it on the mantlepiece and it is bringing a little sunshine into my life.


15 thoughts on “Ripple blanket update

  1. I actually counted the rows in your blanket because i thought it looked like so much more than 43 ! It’s amazing, going to be another heritage item. 🙂
    Beautiful daffodil. There’s nothing quite like them, is there!? 🙂
    Keep your chin up. x


  2. The blanket is coming along brilliantly, u must be really pleased with the progress so far 🙂 what a lovely thought from the lady at the church. It certain has a wonderful bloom.


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