Bakewell Pudding and Trams

I mentioned that life has been difficult lately, and last Wednesday I was feeling a bit low and so my eldest invited me to come on a trip this past Saturday that involved going to Derbyshire for Bakwell Pudding and to visit Crich Tramway Village and the National Tramway Museum.

For a certain member of the party the Bakewell Pudding was the most important part of the trip. Unfortunately we ended up waiting so long for the Bakewell Pudding to arrive that I forgot to photograph it. Imagine a pastry case with a creamy slightly translucent filling, not to be confused with Bakewell Tart which is quite different. It was served with ample amounts of whipped cream and custard.

I don’t know if the recipe is totally correct but the photographs are accurate –

I also forgot to take my phone with me on the actual trip, having carefully remembered to pack it, so I had to make do with my phone. I was actually surprised that the quality of the phone pictures was not as bad as I had imagined but I was not as comfortable using the phone. My daughter, who had remembered to take her camera, has allowed me to use some of hers.

My granddaughter took the  ‘pocket pig’ (that I had made a couple of years ago – ) with her.


The first thing that caught my eye when we arrived was the old road sign for a school.


It really shows my age that I can remember this from my childhood.

There was an amazing array of trams in the main hall.


Starting with  horsedrawn and steam ones.


I took quite a lot of pictures but I will just share a few.

This one is actually from my daughter and shows the top deck of a tram so you can see the seating. Can you see the groves that show that the backs of the seats are movable so that whichever way the tram is going you can face forwards?

Copyright 2012-2014 Catherine Britt of

There were some trams from foreign countries.


I liked seeing this one from Cardiff in view of my many visits to that city and the Welsh family connection.


I thought it was rather splendid.

And although there haven’t been trams in Southampton since I have lived there, I must include this one as I used to live in Portswood and even now it is where I do my weekly shop.

Copyright 2012-2014 Catherine Britt of

Yes! that is me. My daughter is correct in thinking that the colours clash but I thought the glasses gave me a slightly ‘film star’ look.

And here is a message on the inside.


The Bargate is a part of the original City Walls of Southampton.

Here is a close-up of the message.


After looking at the display of trams we decided to go on one.

Here I am with my daughter and grandaughter sitting on the upper deck of a tram all ready to pay for our tickets with old pennies and a halfpenny

Copyright 2012-2014 Catherine Britt of

And just because I think this is rather sweet – here is a mother and daughter photo.

Copyright 2012-2014 Catherine Britt of

I really liked the Art Nouveau Tram Shelters.

This one where we alighted from the first tram we rode on


and the one preserved in the Hall.


While waiting for the return tram, I took this picture from a vantage point.


After the seeing the trams we went on to Bakewell for the Bakewell Pudding and stopped to take in the scenery which was really beautiful.

I took this photograph looking across the fields


and another looking back towards Crich. You can just see the tower on the hill.


After our meal which of course ended with the Bakewell Pudding we went for a walk along the river.

Close ups on the phone were really grainy but I liked this long view.


On our way home we went through Chesterfield to give me an opportunity to see the twisted spire on the Parish Church.


It was really dark by now, so I was surprised I could get this photograph on my phone.

I stayed at my daughter’s the nights before and after the trip and then had lunch on the Sunday at my son’s. After such an enjoyable weekend I felt rejunvenated.

9 thoughts on “Bakewell Pudding and Trams

  1. Looks and sounds like you had a great time. Lovely family pics, your granddaughter is a little beauty with that skin and those eyes! I remember trams from growing up in Blackpool in the 60s. Perhaps they still have one or two up there? Your word for them all is perfect – “splendid”. They really were.


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