Let’s have a Giveaway

Today it is exactly two years since my first post and as I have also exceeded 300 followers! a number I never thought to reach, it seemed a good time for a Giveaway.

Now life lately has been extremely traumatic (not sure if I want to share the details sometime but it does mean I haven’t been doing much blog reading the last few days or lots of other things) so although I intended to have two different things to give away, so far I have only one.

However I still intend to choose two winners one for each gift and I will reveal the other gift as soon as I can.

What I have so far is this.


The yarn is sock wool so 4ply/fingering weight but there is an accompanying book that has patterns for knitted hat and arm warmers as well as a pair of socks.


and it could also be used in crochet for whatever you like.

I expect you can guess why it caught my eye.

It was Regia yarn that I used for my recent stripey socks.

To enter just add a comment saying why you would like to win and I will chose a winner in a month’s time. (This gives you plenty of time to enter and me time to find that second gift.)

20 thoughts on “Let’s have a Giveaway

  1. Good Morning from Alabama. “why I would like to win is simply that I am in love with that color way and I need it for a future project. It is what I am looking for with out knowing it. πŸ™‚ Hope that makes sense…Thank you and have a great day.


  2. Congratulations on your anniversary and followers. I love your stripey socks but have always been too scared to have a go myself. So if I won your giveaway I would feel that I should stop being such a scaredy cat and just get on with it as the colours are just gorgeous.


  3. I am new to the world of crocheting about only one year.I started out late in my life to find this new obesession but I am totally in love with the process. I have two or three projects going on at all times and some new ideas floating in my mind but there is not enough time to get everything done LOL ! I would love to win the book and yarn the colors are bright and winter has been long here. Thanks for the consideration. I love the blog.


  4. I would like to win because winning is fun, it doesn’t happen to me very often and because any prize that includes yarn is as good as gold πŸ™‚ In fact if I won gold I would just spend it on yarn anyway LOL


  5. I want to win because I want to make those socks! After 26 years + I have finally discovered the joy of sock knitting and want to try all sorts of different yarns and patterns.


  6. Rainbowtastic sock yarn- what can I say. Currently on my second pair of socks ever in my life and have practised on cheap 😦 yarn so some quality Regia would just be the ticket for the next pair! Might even knit a cable for celebration! Congrats on the year bloggiversary! I for one am happy to know you as a blogging friend and crafty comrade!


  7. Congratulations on your blogiversary , I would love to win that delicious coloured yarn and have a go at knitting my 2 nd pair of socks with care this time , so I don’t end up with two left feet


  8. confrats on yrou anniversary and on attracting so many followers – I would love to winthis yarn because it is pretty adn I am knitting sock all the time now, BUT as I won your last giveaway, I don’t think I should be allowed to win. So just take my congrats but leave me out of the drawing, OK? πŸ™‚


  9. Congratulations on your milestone, it’s always great to have something positive to celebrate. I don’t want to be entered into your draw because I’ve been lucky enough to win giveaways from you before, and I cherish my bookmark (I gave the crucifix to my Catholic friend, if you recall!). I love your socks, though, and love the wool – if I ever stumble over it down here at the bottom of the world, I’ll certainly give it a bash. can you imagine the glorious pompoms it would make πŸ™‚
    Very sorry to hear you talk of traumatic times, I hope whatever you’ve gone through is over. xxx


  10. Happy blogiversary πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your color and enthusiasm and life for 2 whole years! I’d love to win some yarn just because it’s beautiful! Hope things are looking brighter for you every day.


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