Happy hexagons!


Patch of Made by Patch has written a post about the hexagons I sent her for her Collaborative Crochet Blanket project but, as not all of you may be her followers, I thought that I would write a post of my own.

You can see her post here:- http://madebypatch.wordpress.com/2014/03/16/rainbow-hexagons/ She takes lovely photos.

My hexagons were made using Rico Essentials Cotton and a 4mm hook. I tried to use up oddments where possible but also dipped into my stash of rainbow colours. The requirement was that they be 15cm from side to side.

First Hexagon


This hexagon was made to get the size.

I used the pattern I found here:-


extending it to get the correct size.

Second Hexagon


This hexagon is my ‘flower hexagon’ as found on my blog here:-


with extra rows in blue and white to make it the correct size.

I found the third and fourth hexagons here:-

Third Hexagon


The pattern for this one comes from here:-


I removed two rows in the middle to make it fit then added an extra row of dcs and the white edge.

Fourth Hexagon


This is adapted from a pot holder pattern. The pattern is here:-


I realised that the edge was not going to be straight so after the first green row I did another row to straighten the edge then added the white border.

Fifth Hexagon


This from a dishcloth pattern that I found here:-


I realise now that to get the proper African Flower look I should have used the same colour for rows two and three but I like it how it is anyway. I especially liked the texture you got with the alternating front post trebles and back post trebles.

So many hexagons!

Which is your favourite?

12 thoughts on “Happy hexagons!

  1. Hexagons always make my heart sing! You whipped up quite a neat collection here and I enjoy the sheen of your yarn. Cheers – visiting from Woolhogs xxxx


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