Signs of Spring 2014

Just three photographs this time.

I am enjoying the tub of tulips I can see through the patio doors. They glow in the sunshine.


They look good from above too!


And even better I saw a big fat bumble bee flying round the garden.


What signs of Spring (or Autumn) are there where you are?

On another subject

I just had to photograph my latest ‘artisan bread’ loaf. I was so pleased that it came out a lovely round loaf.


I feel I am beginning to really get to understand this method of making bread. This one was left for ten hours at room temperature and then another couple in the airing cupboard to speed it up so I would be able to cook it before I went to bed.

Like my other loaves it was a bit spread out when it went in the oven but it came out much higher when it was cooked.

And a good airy texture too.


It was half and half white and wholemeal but it’s just shadow makes the right hand piece look brown.

Of course I had to have a piece with honey with my breakfast.



13 thoughts on “Signs of Spring 2014

        1. Well I think I have decided that the best option is to leave it till it has a flat bubbly surface but not longer and to leave it on the worktop covered with the bit of cling film while the container heats in the oven but not longer. My first couple of loaves were okay but maybe a bit over proved.


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