Ripple blanket recap

First month {= five week(end)s} of blanket making.

(We’ve had some decent sunshine recently so it was very foolish of me to wait till today to take a photograph, when it is dark and wet, but here it is!)


Just to recap:

the pattern I am using is this


from Jan Eaton’s “200 Ripple Stitch Patterns”. I am not doing double colour ripples as well as single as in the picture. Each ripple is actually two rows so all the ends are down the one side. Fun!

I am using a 4.5mm hook and the yarn is Stylecraft Special DK in the following fourteen colours:-

White, silver, parchment, camel, mocha, turquoise, sherbet, aspen, teal, royal, bluebell, denim, aster, cloud blue.

or as in the picture –

parchment, aster, white, turquoise, silver,

denim, sherbet, mocha, royal,

camel, teal, cloud blue, aspen, bluebell.


So far I am target for having it finished by next winter – if not six months time. I am spending about three days on the blanket so that gives me time to do other things.

I am beginning to get a handle on the htr3togs (US – hdc3togs) and not having to undo them so often. I find it is fairly easy to check that I am doing the pattern correctly,  so hopefully no undoing the previous row because I made a mistake at the begining. As a precaution though, I am leaving the previous colour attached until I have completed the first row in the new colour.

7 thoughts on “Ripple blanket recap

  1. I love the colours you have chosen on this blanket, it is looking really nice in my opinion and the crocheting looks very neat 🙂 I want to crochet a ripple item but my first attempt last weekend did not go well so I unpicked it….it obviously wasn’t the right time for me! Enjoy crocheting the rest of this blanket.


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