Crochet cactus

There aren’t any cactuses in my flower book but I found some patterns here:-

I have made the first one but didn’t add a side arm to it as I preferred it simple. I used cotton yarn for the cactus itself and acrylic for the earth as I felt that gave the right surface texture and my sock wool for the flower as I liked the two tone pink.


The teddy with basket was originally bought for me as a thank you present, I think, and had a small flowering plant in it. Can’t remember the name.


Of course the plant grew and was repotted, (grew for a while, stopped flowering and eventually died before it flowered again – the story of my life!)

I have used the teddy and basket for real offshoot cacti since then.


(I realise I have still got these ‘real’ houseplants as well as my ‘Christmas cactus’.)

I had it on the kitchen window sill with my other house plants which was always the best place for plants since the water for watering was nearby, so when I remembered I could do it straight away. Also for most plants there was light but not much direct sun as it faced NE. The real cactus in the photograph are at the back and face SW but then they don’t need much watering.

The pattern was very straightforwward until it came to joining the start and finish into a cylinder. I couldn’t make it invisible but this was the best I could do in following the pattern and I have it on the side I can’t see.


The original pattern includes a pot but as I didn’t need that, I started the brown to imitate earth and carried on just to make a plug to fit in the basket.


The flower was made using a bit of yellow and half the yarn I cut out when making my stripey socks match. (I said I had plans for it!)


Although it is not a real cactus in flower. It makes me smile every time I open the kitchen curtains.

17 thoughts on “Crochet cactus

  1. OMG.. at first I thought it wow what a tall flowered cactus… then when I look closer.. wow.. what a beautiful crochet piece.. which no need to add water.. this is brilliant.. πŸ˜€


  2. What fun! Cute idea and thanks for the link! I’ve killed more real plants in the past 2 yrs than in the previous 20 years…must be losing my touch. Making a couple of these will be on my to do list πŸ™‚


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