Super stripey socks!

I have now finished my latest socks. Originally I had not intended to make the second sock straightaway but far from having ‘second sock’ syndrome, once I had finished the first sock, I liked it so much that I wanted to make the second sock ASAP so I could wear them.


I had bought a 100g ball which was enough for both socks.


Now for the first sock I had started with the green stripes and ended with green stripes and the big question for making the second sock was did I continue with the yarn and hence start with red stripes so that the socks would be, as it were, inverses of each other, or did I cut out the red part and hope that that way they ended up the same?

I um’d and ah’d and agonised over this while I crocheted a few more rows of my blanket but in the end I decided to aim for matching. And much to my delight, although the toes are slightly different, after that they matched up the same as you can see.


It’s hard to take a picture of your own feet. This angle is much easier.


or from the side (insides only)


or this.


For a change I used a two stitch rib for the tops which I found made it a little trickier to cast off. I used a no. 6 (5mm) needle to cast off as I did with my last pair but I may practice one of the stretchy cast off methods with an eye to using it for the next pair.

I’m on a bit of a roll and would love to start another pair but I think I might make some more flowers instead. I even have plans for something that I think should use up the bit of yarn I cut out.

BIG question though!

What does one do with left over sock yarn? For this pair I have almost enough left to make another pair of very short ones (40%) though for my blue/grey socks there is only about 30% left, maybe less but I think they are a bit longer. Any suggestions?

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

And I will leave you with a photograph of my first daffodils taken in this morning’s sunshine.


20 thoughts on “Super stripey socks!

  1. lol I recently posted that exact same question, and got some great answers – check out the comments here

    I also read a recent post by theknittingsarah which dealt with this same thing, as she is doing a sock KAL. (Which you might want to check out if you are in a sock mood this year.)

    The socks look great! I love that you made them match, I often wonder what to about that, and am on a pair now that it will really matter, as yours do.


    1. Matching was partly luck as I didn’t check how much green yarn was there at the beginning of the first sock. If the yarn manufacturer is consistent and you knit evenly you should just need to start at exactly the same point in the colour sequence on both socks.


  2. Brilliant socks! My friend Fiona (she who is Queen of all things socky) uses hers (left overs!) to make beautiful fine knitted squares (in the round) so that she will have a fab socky yarn afghan eventually. Also she knits up newborn hats. I have not got enough sock yarn left overs yet to need this ! I am wondering if you have enough from two pairs of left overs you could combine them to do another pair in an interesting creative rainbow type way!!!? xxx


  3. I just fell in love – with your socks! They are fabulous. But I had to laugh at the comment where you said you wouldn’t wear them out because of the rain!- visions of you tripping lightly through the puddles without your wellies…


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