Fake flowers!

I said at the beginning of the year that I was intending to make some knitted and crochet flowers to adorn my home.

Well I have made a start with two roses and a rose bud which I made from some of the yarn left over from the cottage garden blanket.


Maybe I should have taken more pictures along the way but the roses consist of six knitted petals: two each of three different sizes which differ by just a couple of rows of stocking stitch.

As you can see here

0229-rose1 and here is a side view of the other rose.


That was easy enough

and the stem was a 3 stitch cord, which I found straightforward once I got into the rhythm of it

but the sepals for the rose meant transferring the three stitches onto three double-pointed needles and then working in the round doing things like kpk into each stitch.

For the first rose I managed, just about, though with difficulty. With the second rose I was dropping the stitches off the needles so much that I gave up and used a long circular though it was still difficult.


The bud was much easier.


The petals were knitted in one flat piece and the the sepals, though a bit trickier, were done in the same way; with the stem cord knitted as the last part. This was much easier than the roses.


I also bought some flower wire from Hobbycraft


which I used to stiffen the stems.

I won’t say they are perfect but they look pretty on the mantlepiece.

20 thoughts on “Fake flowers!

  1. […] these are my kind of flowers!ย Jane from Rainbow Junkie Cornerย has entered her knitted roses and rose bud which are guaranteed to bring lots of cheer all year […]


  2. cute, on facebook there is a crochet artist who specializes in flowers i don’t have the link right now but if you go to my facebook page you will see some of her creations ๐Ÿ™‚


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