Another Blanket

Last week I got this nice squishy parcel of yarn for the new blanket


and because it gave me free postage and because I wanted to try it, I bought a couple of balls of sock wool. Only £4.20 for the two balls.


Here are all the colours for the blanket.


As you can see this blanket is not going to have rainbow colours. Can you guess what the colour inspiration is? Not a unique one.

All my previous blankets (and I include my ‘flower cloth’ here) have had a wide range of colours that include all the rainbow colours if you think of blue and indigo as the same for the flower cloth and pink the same as red for the CAL blanket and fudge yellow and orange into one for the hexagon blanket.

When I look back I realise that I have made four ‘blankets’ in under two years while making other smaller items along the way so maybe I will be able to complete this new blanket before next winter which is my aim.

Four blankets in two years equals an average of six months so that is hopeful.

First I made my Hexagon blanket

Blanket on bed

Then I made the Flower Cloth

Cloth in use

After this I started the CAL Cottage Garden blanket


and while making that I started my Spectrum Granny Ripple blanket.


I seem to have a bit of an obsession with blankets but there are only so many one can use so this next one will be for my daughter to snuggle up in during the winter.

This weekend I have got this far with the blanket.



17 thoughts on “Another Blanket

    1. For the new blanket I bought my yarn from Wool Warehouse because I could get free postage over £25 and I wanted to try their Drops sock wool.

      The hexagon blanket was finished before I joined the CAL. You probably didn’t know me then. (May 2012).


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